Monday, May 28, 2007

Recap 5/28/2007 Twins 10, White Sux 4

Another night, another dominant performance by... Jason Miller? You didn't see that coming did you? That's just how I roll.

Ahh the joys of winning. It's been quite some time (about 5 weeks) since the Twins have legitimately been going in the right direction, but after taking series wins from the Brewers, Rangers, and Blue Jays and taking game 1 from the White Sox, I think it can be legitimately said that perhaps the ship is beginning to get righted as the club has now won 7 of their last 10. It hasn't had a ton of effect on the standing though as the club is still 6.5 games back of the Indians. However they are only 4 games out of the wild card lead.

While the past couple wins have been delivered largely on the backs of Michael Cuddyer, Justin Morneau, and Torii Hunter, tonights game came courtesy of the "piranha's" a term I use only because our opponent was Ozzie Guillen. The combination of Castillo, Punto, Bartlett, and Tyner went 8-14 (yes they were all singles) with three walks. They drove in three runs, and scored five more.

Of course the Twins also got some big hits from Redmond (bases clearing double), Kubel (two doubles), a RBI single from Cuddybear and three more hits from Hunter, who I accused of cooling off last night. Thats why Kristen always reminds me that when I talk, theres a better chance than not that I'll say something stupid.

That Santana guy was pretty decent too, going eight innings while striking out seven, walking one, and allowing four runs on seven hits. The first two runs also came on solo homers, so for a point the last five runs Santana had allowed had come on solo homeruns. With most pitchers I'd say I was worried, but seriously it's Santana, El President, Supernatural (thanks Bat-Girl!). Another strong outing from the man has really allowed our bullpen to get rested up. With the Twins using only Jason Miller in relief. Miller has been far from dominant over his two Major League innings, but he's a lefty who's recording outs and not allowing baserunners. Something this team is desperate for. Whether or not he'll continue to be this good is in doubt, but if he can provide a good inning 2/3 times I'll be pleased.

The only real disappointment tonight was Justin Morneau as he went 0-5 and left 10 guys on base but after his recent hot streak I'll forgive him, which I know will mean a lot to him.

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