Thursday, March 29, 2007

Twins Update 3/29/2007

Its early and unsubstantiated, but the whispers out of Twins camp are that JD Durbin's time with the Twins may be done as the Twins will designate him for assignment, placing him on outright waivers, deciding rather to carry Chris Hientz as a third catcher. If this proves to be true, then the most likely scenario would have Durbin refusing assignment and immediately becoming a free agent (I believe he's already been outrighted once) or being plucked off the waiver wire. Either way, its nearly inconceivable that he'll remain with the team.


Durbin was indeed released and immediately picked up by the Diamondbacks who must have had someone patiently waiting for Durbin to become available as they pounced like cats. With claws. And Teeth. Find the story from here.

In Mauer related news, it appears that the Twins either are or will be playing him in another minor league contest today. Yesterday as you may have heard he made his return at the minor league camp catching Glen Perkins for three innings while going 2-3 at the plate with a sharply hit double and a home run to center. I'm not certain what type of Wheaties Joe ate as a kid but they must have been the 'Baseball God' formula.


Not exactly Twins news, but certainly relevant. The Tigers placed Kenny Rogers on the disabled list earlier today with a "fatigued left arm." I'm not certain exactly how this will work out for the rest of the season, its certainly the first time IVE seen or heard of this being used as a reason for a trip to the DL. If the Twins are lucky it'll keep him out for more than just these 15 days and maybe nag him all season.

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Nick N. said...

Durbin was nabbed off waivers by Arizona.