Thursday, March 29, 2007


Ok, I should preface this by telling anyone who doesn't already know that Im a pretty big Ron Gardenhire guy. I think he runs a bullpen better than any manager in the game and players really seem to like his approach. That said...

I read this quote today in an article I found on that was reported from the AP.

"We've been thinking about it over and over again, trying to decide what's best for this young man and our ballclub," manager Ron Gardenhire said. "He needs to be able to locate his pitches a little bit more.

"You have to be able to locate all of your pitches, besides your fastball. You can survive in spring training into six or seven innings with your fastball. You can't do that in the big leagues. He'll mature out there after a couple of weeks."

This makes me wonder a few things...

1) If Garza is locating so badly and ending up with a 1.50 ERA all with one pitch and getting sent down, how exactly does he justify Silva getting shelled to the tune of 11.02 with one barely functioning pitch which he locates almost solely belt high and down-the middle?

2) We all know Garza doesn't have a plus second pitch, but with a good fastball if he can learn to mix in enough breaking balls to keep guys honest and guessing, he can be effective (though not great) right now.

3) What the hell does he expect Garza to figure out "in a couple of weeks" that he hasn't figured out yet? Does he really think that somehow in a month or so he's going to develop Maddux-esqe control?

Now don't get me wrong I, unlike most Twins Nation believe Garza is a good but not GREAT prospect, and wont change that opinion till he works on his breaking stuff, but come on Gardy. I feel like he's insulting my intelligence when he says stuff like that. Everyone knows the reason Garza going and Silva is staying is related to arbitration, just say it. Instead they should say, "Listen right now the people who run the organization have decided that its in the best interest of this ballclub to delay arbitration on the players they feel give them the best opportunity to win in the future. If that means digging a hole for ourselves this season then so be it, we think we're making the best long-term decision there is to be made." Now of course there's no way they'll say that, but they should.

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the Dragon said...


Since you invited me...and I do like your site, it's not in my Twins favorites folder.

We've had pieces of this conversation before, yet "What can Garza learn in a couple of weeks?".

To get comfortable mixing in his other pitches. Sort of do a Bonser.

The difference between AAA and the majors, is that the game result is less important than working on improving players weaknesses.

Garza can use 6-8 starts where he is not throwing 90% fastballs. Get comfortable in the 70% range, maybe less, and gain confidence in using other pitches in tight situations.

Most human beings, particularly myself, revert to the most comfortable when under pressure. I know I sometimes get into situations, and trot out the same failed response, while knowing intellectualy that decision is wrong...sort of like the reaction is hard wired.

Garza needs to change that wiring, in a situation of learning and expermentation.

Bonser did it, I expect Garza will as well. My challenge to Matt, "Can you figure it out as quickly as Boof did?".