Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Around the League 4/4/2007

1) Though I could find at least 10,000 Twins fans who would contest the point (and with a degree of validity) JD Durbin made Terry Ryan once again look like maybe, just maybe, he knows what he's doing. Taking in the D-Backs, Rockies game this afternoon I couldn't help but be shocked to see the D-Backs turn to Durbin down two runs in the eighth. Durbin got Steve Finley to ground out to start the innings then got bombed. In all he gave up seven runs on seven hits with at least 3-4 doubles a bunch of singles a couple walks... By the time the dust settled the score was 11-2 and there were still only two outs in the innings. He did fall victim to hitters making good contact on good pitches but there weren't any bleeders, Texas leaguers, or dying quails mixed in and the Rockies punished every mistake. I know why Twins fans love Durbin, he's got a live arm and electric stuff but he has no idea how to pitch, a terrible makeup, and poor control and at 26 his days are over. Good riddance.

2) I've always been a Fransisco Rodriguez fan and believed he had the best stuff of any closer in the league. Tonight he proved why that doesn't always make you the best closer as he made a serious situation out of a three run lead. He struck out the first batter but then surrendered a hit up the middle which I think was actually scored as an error on the shortstop. But then he gave up a single and walked a batter to load the bases with one out throwing 7 balls in a row at one point. He then dug himself a hole against Brad Wilkerson before he hit a deep drive to right-center that was caught but brought in a run and left runners on first and third. His control was so bad I was starting to think he might just walk the Rangers around the bases.

3) If the Vikings take Brady Quinn I'll personally slaughter the entire front office. Or at least I'll be boycotting a second straight season.

4) I'm a huge Elijah Dukes fan, not just because of his talent but also for the attitude that he has. I know everyone else hates it but I'm always excited to see someone who's lived a tough life have a chance to redeem himself and excel. I hope he does and I'll be rooting for him every game, same with Josh Hamilton and for pretty much the same reasons. Amy Nelson of ESPN the Mag has a nice article on Dukes.

5) I have a feeling that Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory might have made a better pitch last night than anything were going to see from Carlos Silva.

6) Miguel Cabrera is off hot. 7-10 with five walks, one strikeout, 2 doubles and two home runs. Throw in 6 rib eye's and 5 runs and wow. He has an OPS of 2.300.

7) Curtis Granderson had a huge day getting the hard half of the cycle with a triple and a grand slam. For the day he was 2-5 with 5 RBI's, 2 runs, and a stolen base. For the season he's 4-10 with a single, double, triple and homer 5 RBI's and 3 runs. However he still is striking out a lot with 3 in ten at-bats.

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