Monday, April 2, 2007

When you ask most people what their favorite day of the year is, I'm sure most will mention a religious holiday, Christmas for example would garner many votes. I'm sure thanksgiving would make off fairly well too. People will tell you how much they enjoy being in the company of their family and with people they love and care about. But for a baseball fan, today is certainly better. Today in fact is the happiest day of the year. We've waited patiently since the end of the World Series in October for the return of the greenest grass and the bluest skies on the planet which will be sullied by only the military jets roaring triumphantly overhead and the ball piercing its way through the air. First pitches will be thrown, infielders will rough up their spots on the field just so, batters will dig in, and pitchers will burrow in front of the rubber.

Today you'll once again get to to hear and feel the electric gasp that can fill a crowd of 50,000 as the bat cracks and a ball is hit deep and bounces to the wall as a fleet baserunner makes a strong turn around second and heads for third. The tension and anxiety as he slides head first for third as the throw arrives and the third baseman catches and swipes at the bag. I'm not ordinarily a religious man, but bless the heavens, the angels, the saints and God its back. I don't think I could have waited another day but now my patience will be rewarded by seven straight months of baseball, save for the two days bracketing the all-star game which I will continue to despise though I know they're necessary. But thats ok because today is the beginning of our very own seven-month long holiday. Finally we can take our much deserved breaks from work to follow our teams on the internet, either through the boxscores or on and we can cheer our teams on and enjoy eternal afternoons and evenings at the ballpark.

To all of my readers (I think thats about 15 people or so...) I hope you enjoy the holiday as much as I do, but remember, important times of the year like this are for spending with friends and family, so be sure to include them in the joy too.

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Kristen Mainz said...

You talk about spending your favorite holiday with your friends and family and then you forget to take me with you to the first game?! WTF mate!